Email from Sempers Foal Owners


Many thanks to Jan and Paul for this lovely email, cant wait to see some pics of him

“We own one a Sempers Spirit foal, he is the 3rd one from the left on the top row

of the gallery of his progeny.

I know you like to hear how they are getting on so thought I would drop you a

little note. Mattie was weaned in November ’10 and we collected him and brought
him to the yard where we keep my other horse. He settled in within hours and
it’s like he’s never lived anywhere else!

We have found him to have an extremely good temperament and he learnt to tie up,

lead, have his feet picked up etc, very quickly. We are now working towards
hopefully showing him in-hand this year … when he has lost the 10 inches of
winter fluff he is sporting at present!! Hopefully, we will be able to send you
some photos … hopefully with rosettes in the picture too!!”