Today’s news is very personal to me but I feel I need to tell everyone My Dad passed away today, he has left the biggest hole in my life one that I could never have imagined.
My dad loved the racing and I was almost born at Pontifract races. From the age of 6 he took me every week for my riding lesson, he sat and waited for me and read his Sunday paper, in all weathers, we once got stuck in the snow on the way there.
He has encouraged me and helped me to get where I am today, even buying me my 1st pony Oliver, when I know he didn’t have lots of money.
He always told me what horse to back in the Grand National, and told me any horse gossip I might have missed in the papers (he would cut articles out for me to read).
He loved to see the foals and would watch them from the window in the paddock, I hope my dad is proud of what I have achieved, I want to thank him for being my Dad and to let him and everyone know I am grateful for everything I have and for my Dad helping me to get there.

Love you Dad and I miss you everyday xxx